I see it now

Touched off by an interesting thread on the Song of Ice and Fire Forums, I’ve been trying to be more aware about how I think, how I process information. Especially the visual side of it. After reading one person’s post on how they are very much NOT visual readers, so much so as to become frustrated with extensive descriptions, my own habits suddenly came into sharp relief. I am very much a visual reader but had never really thought others might not be as well. Finding out other people think differently than you do? That’s a free pass to navel-gazing, s’what that is: acknowledge perceptions previously taken as axioms.

So yes, visual reader. While reading novels I always have a mental movie of what’s going on: this person is standing like so, I’m looking into the room from this angle, the lighting is such, etc. Naturally, if the author offers more detail, the mental image is more in line with their descriptions but there is always basic setting, figures, ambiance, etc… even if it means filling in a few gaps. The more compelling the story at a given point, the more detailed the mental image. And I’m more likely to remember certain literal scenes, images, from a novel than where exactly that scene fit in the story, or even the larger narrative arc.  Watching a movie after having read the book it’s  based on is an exercise in frustration: “this isn’t how it looks in the book!” Reading the book after watching its movie heavily influences my mental imagery but doesn’t cause the same dissonance as going book–>movie.


~ by Picaspexit on March 8, 2010.

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