Breaking Monotony

I was picking up my mail just minutes ago when the screeching of tires and  metal and glass startled me out of the moment. Behind me, not 15 yards away, a car pulling into the apartment complex was slammed into by another car careening along the right lane, likely hidden by the line of cars idling in the left lane. The shock of noise is just so foreign to my daily experience. As I type this, my heart rate is still faster than it should be for the usually sedate nature of weekday afternoons. I’m reminded of a lunch hour a few weeks back spent watching the billowing smoke clouds from a nearby fire. A coworker, upon seeing the sight wondered aloud about why we were drawn to the sight. It’s the same thing: events so out of place demand attention. I stand by the mailbox going over every bit of mail while watching the aftermath of the crash unfold. Tensed, heart beating like I just sprint a quarter mile, nothing but empathy swimming in my mind, I head back to the apartment, take one last look as I close the door, and scold myself for sitting here trying to recapture the quiet calm of the usual afternoon.


~ by Picaspexit on April 20, 2010.

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