Pally Healing or I Think I Need a Break Before I Hurt Myself

Whack-a-Mole. Fast Track to a Repetitive Stress Injury. The Warlock’s Whipping Boy. There’s no role/class combination for feeling like the group’s personal bitch like healing as a pally. On my other healers I take petty glee in responding to life tap-happy locks with cheap and wimpy instants like Riptide or Lifebloom. (That’s right. Lifebloom. Not even Rejuvenation. Well… if they don’t max-rank lifetap up the last 2% of their mana, I’ll splurge on a rejuv) But on my pally I have to either dedicate actual cast times or not insignificant swaths of mana to the task: spam Flash of Light, which is approximately 5 casts more than I like deigning on a lock, or obscenely expensive instant or long casts, which are far more mana that I want to spend in support of that vile habit.

Pally’s have no hot’s (I’m talking lvl 70 lfg’ing), no bubbles (with a cooldown reasonably counted in seconds), no aoe healing (not counting glyphs); nothing that works for you while you might steal a moment to drink which, speaking as someone who makes an art out of sneaking in a swig or three while the tank gets to the next pack, is monumentally frustrating! And that’s before the tank that’s been pulling, at what honestly would be a very reasonable rate were I on a priest or resto shammy or druid at this level, ends up ticking my mana down a little more every pull, because I don’t have enough time to drink the previous fight’s deficit despite my harried gulping. The end result being that every 5 pulls or so as I’m scraping at the bitter dregs and in the midst of typing out a gasping “WAIT I NEEDS TO DRINK TO FULL NAO YOU IMPATIENT WANNABE ENERGIZER BUNNY,” (which I hate cos, really, who enjoys having to sit through the ENTIRE 30s of a drink), when he oh-so-helpfully writes in party chat…

mana up

..    .

I think Aimo‘s interpretation of a certain Orlesian Sister-in-Law’s reaction to a, granted, unlikely scenario perfectly illustrates my sentiment towards their suggestion:

"What is this 'mana,' tank?!?!"

"What is this 'mana,' tank?!?!"

Given my experiences so far, it seems like to heal someone you mostly need to plant your feet and actively be casting something on them.  With other healing classes, to one degree or another, there’s something you can do that amounts to doing two things at once: hots, bubbles, reactive healing. And this kind of single-mindedness has been frustratingly unforgiving to me. Either that or I need to be friendlier with my holy shock key. Or get used to the long cast time that is Holy Light. Or bite the bullet and spec into Beacon and deal, somehow, with its insane mana cost. With Holy Shock, I know I’m missing out occasionally cos I think it’s still on CD since I’m used to Swiftmend’s longer CD. It’s more expensive than both Swiftmend and Riptide, which makes me wary about just keeping it on cooldown. It’s worth bugger all in terms of increased hps if you’re spamming FoL already. HL just seems to always overheal for a ton, but if someone is actually at a deficit where HL would be appropriate, they’d not likely survive its nigh-interminable first cast time. I hesitate to preemptively cast because of its similarly obscene mana cost. Hell, if I just spam FoL, for the most part the tank will be okay. And then there’s Beacon which, in leveling gear at 70, costs more than a tenth of my buffed mana bar.  As such, I’ven’t even specced into it yet so if more than one other person starts taking damage (I’m looking at you, mr. I like to melee while the runcaster’s fire shield is up), and interrupting the tank’s FoL spam for a Holy Shock every 5s ain’t enough, they’re pretty much SOL.

Despite the ranting, there’s something that keeps bringing me back to pally healing, especially considering this is actually my second attempt at a holy paladin. It’s  the challenge, I think, in learning a different approach to healing. My horde pally stalled at 67, but Fuschia’s already 70 and she’s got one thing going for her: the pre ex-pac doldrums are prime alt-leveling time. So we’ll see. Maybe, hopefully, healing in the 70’s will be a better experience.


~ by Picaspexit on September 22, 2010.

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