TEH MENZ panel on religious freedom, NOT BIRTH CONTROL GUISE!!11!1!!111111eleventyONE

Yesterday’s sausage fest, er, I mean… congressional hearing on how birth control is apparently one degree of separation too close (cooties!) to religious institutions got me thinking. Given that one of the key moral objections to birth control is that sex is supposed to be solely for procreation, does not the financial investment of sex (via insurance coverage of ED medication) when procreation is either unlikely or impossible (via UNREGULATED insurance coverage of ED medication) weigh heavy on the consciences of religious institutions?

Where are the objections and congressional hearings and cries of moral discomfort suffered by religious institutions due to the essentially unregulated access men have to ED medication?

Wouldn’t these institutions FEEL better if their insurance companies covered ED medication ONLY for men that were married to women of child-bearing age and were actively trying to conceive (signed affidavit, yo!)?

Would not their consciences be assuaged only after those men had undergone rigorous and compulsory tests to ensure acceptable sperm count and motility?

Wouldn’t they sleep easier at night knowing that since EVERY SPERM IS SACRED, we’ll have none of that business of ejaculating into a plastic cup when men would be required to avail themselves of TOTALLY NECESSARY procedures like the aspiration of epididymal sperm to ensure that only as small a sampling as possibly needed is obtained?

And I don’t wanna hear from TEH MENS! They are obviously biased. Anyways, this is just about ensuring religious institutions’ money doesn’t get too close too quickly to godless wantons is spent in a manner that is consistent with their moral code.

Never mind that since these same institutions are barred from discrimination in hiring practices, they will inevitably hire someone whose moral code is not in accordance with their own. Someone who will likely at some point use wages they’ve received from that institution in a manner, again, not in accordance with the institutions’ moral code.

In short, where’s the REST of their outrage?!


~ by Picaspexit on February 18, 2012.

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