Howdy! I’m Pica (alternately Flyingfig, Awaane, Columbaspexit, …). I collect things: observations, connections, vanity pets in World of Warcraft. I am an on-again, (currently) off-again artist partial to Photoshop because overcoming the inertia required to actually set up my oils is just too much to ask. During the day I play at being a receptionist in between otherwise occupying myself with a variety of side projects (e.g. learning VBA and trying to recall/apply some of the more intriguing maths I learned in college lest I forget it all) meant to keep me out of trouble and from going out of my mind. I read, though far less than I would like, and wonder where the hell the intervening years from college ’til now have gone. The Magpie’s Miscellany claims as topics that are fair game any of the aforementioned, plus whatever else might strike my fancy.

About “picaspexit”: For many years now I’ve used the handle of “columbaspexit” online, itself taken from the first line of the plainchant song Columba Aspexit by Hildegard, which I first heard in my freshman year music class in college. It means “The dove peered in.” Between the beauty of Emma Kirkby’s ethereal voice and the circumstances when I heard it, it’s become a very significant piece of music to me. So, I chose my handle as a nod to that. When I made this wordpress blog, however, I was surprised to discover someone had already taken columbaspexit. So I had to find something new. A magpie is a collector of bits and bobs, a habit I see in myself. Pica is Latin for magpie. Thus, Picaspexit.


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